Uniiverse is looking for developers! (and offering a $2,000 referral bonus)

Do you want to help create something that revolutionizes how people interact in real life? How about building a product that will improve the lives of millions?

Uniiverse is building the world’s platform for collaborative living. Our vision is to help people reconnect and share on a scale that has never been possible before.

We’re looking to hire skilled back-end and front-end developers to join our core team! Our approach is lean, user-centric, iterative, fun and innovative. We believe in the Joel Test. We strive to bring happiness, inspiration and creativity amongst our team.

The back-end of our tech stack includes Ruby, Rails, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and AWS. The front-end of our tech stack incorporates lots of JavaScript, jQuery Backbone.js, HTML5 / CSS3, HAML / SASS. These are connected using JSON, PJAX and AJAX. We’re strong believers of automated testing (e.g. RSpec, Cucumber, Jasmine). We love our parallax landing pages, and 404 page.

If any of these delectable tools strike your fancy, and you’re passionate about bringing a bit of magic to the world, visit our jobs page at https://www.uniiverse.com/jobs.

If you or someone you know is a talented software developer, please get in touch! We’re giving out a referral bonus of $2,000* if the person you refer is hired.

* Payable for full time employee hires (i.e. contractors and freelancers excluded), for this particular dev position. Does not apply to candidates with whom Uniiverse was already in contact.