Sep 24


We’ve been working long and hard here at Uniiverse and are thrilled to announce the launch of our iPhone app!

Uniiverse for iPhone gives you full access to your Uniiverse account. You can now create, discover, and book listings directly from your iPhone, on-the-go! Download it for free here.

Use Uniiverse to Sell Tickets

Organizing an event or party? Big or small, Uniiverse can help you sell tickets for the event. Our advanced ticketing tools help you set multiple ticket prices, coupons, affiliate programs, promote the event via direct and indirect marketing, manage attendees, scan QR coded tickets, and a lot more. Now available on web and iOS!

Make Money

Have something to offer? You can create beautiful listings on Uniiverse for free. You can offer & promote services, workshops or classes, efficiently manage bookings, & process payments directly on your website or blog. You decide what to offer, how much you want to charge, and get paid directly. Learn about Uniiverse storefronts here.


Use Uniiverse to find quality services and fun events nearby. Easily register and pay for any Uniiverse listing on web or mobile. Connect your social networks to check out what your friends are doing & offering - never miss out!


Uniiverse is trusted by 26,000 event organizers and service providers around the world. Connect your networks to see who you know and reach more people.


Sep 19

Guest post: Etsy Canada talks Uniiverse DIY workshops and selling on Etsy


My name is Nada and I work for Etsy, the online global marketplace for independent creative businesses! As the DIY movement grows, our sellers are using tools like Uniiverse to organize workshops to teach others how to craft. It’s a great tool for promoting your business, and empowering others to create. I talked to a Toronto Etsy seller, Justyna of House of Bauble to get her tips on leading a successful workshop.

If you already use Uniiverse and want to know more about selling on Etsy, use the promo code UNIIVERSE at www.etsy.com/promotions to redeem 20 free listings to start your creative business today!


1) Tell us about yourself and your Etsy shop.

My name is Justyna and I’m the designer of House of Bauble, a locally designed jewelry brand. I’ve always loved crafting and making things I could display at home or give to a friend as a gift. I started making jewelry 3 years ago as a hobby. Once I started experiencing with different techniques and materials, I fell in love with the process and received a lot of positive feedback. I knew then that people were longing for fresh and timeless pieces so I started making jewelry for friends and family. It wasn’t long before I discovered Etsy. On my Etsy shop, my jewelry ranges from elegant and simple to bold and intricate. Each piece is handmade locally in Toronto, with love.

2) It seems like DIY is a big trend nowadays. Were you ever hesitant to teach others your secrets because that would affect your business or do you see it as another avenue to promote your work?

DIY has definitely become a big trend and I see a lot of it being incorporated at various events, in fashion and home decor. I started running DIY workshops because it’s a great way to connect with like minded people, disconnect from the everyday routine and learn new skills. It’s also a great way to promote my jewelry brand. For every participant at my workshop, not only do they leave with their handmade item, but they often leave with a goody bag which includes one of my jewelry pieces and/or business card.

3) What was it like the first time you ran a workshop?

I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I ran my first workshop, Colour Block Bracelet workshop, at the Uniiverse headquarters and had around 4 - 5 participants. I was a bit nervous but it was so much fun and I knew it was something I would enjoy and be proud of accomplishing. Running these workshops gives me the opportunity to improve and learn new skills and meet new people.

4) What do you like about using Uniiverse to organize your workshops?

Uniiverse is by far the easiest website to use when organizing a workshop. Not only is it easy and safe, it’s free! Uniiverse is user-friendly, has a simple interface, allows you to add photos and makes it easy to share your posting on social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. One of the great features of Uniiverse is that it allows the public to review your listing and provide feedback.

5) Do you have any advice on getting the word out and running a successful workshop?

I would suggest signing up with Uniiverse and creating your listing. Why wouldn’t you? It’s easy and there are several ways to share from the site. I would also suggest sharing your workshop with friends and family, on your blog and even find a website or blog that highlights events throughout your city. They often get a lot of traffic and you never know who might see it. My last piece of advice would be to always ask your participants for feedback.


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May 28

Abbey’s Kitchen Stadium: Round 1!


Over the past weekend, Torontonians were invited to come down to Virgin’s Mod Club, to participate in an Iron Chef-esque food competition known as ‘Abbeys Kitchen Stadium.’ With 4 prominent chefs from Toronto’s food scene, paired with 4 food authorities as celebrity judges, participants were eager to dive into a new culinary experience. The proceeds of the event are donated to a local food initiative, My Food My Way; at $10/ticket.


The atmosphere was buzzing and vibrant as participants strolled around the venue, sampling eats & treats from local food establishments like Fidel Gastro’s, Rock Lobster Co., Pizzeria Libretto, and Woods Restaurant. Throughout the conversation and the competition, our host Abbey was sure to remind us of other unique attractions, such as the local Limonana crew supplying their new drink - or even which Forty Creek whiskey would go best with each dish. 


A close up view of Rock Lobster Co.’s ‘Cowboy Corn’ – topped with potato chips!

As with every competition or contest, there had to be a surprise, and Abbey’s Kitchen was no different! Chefs had to use a secret ingredient with their recipe, no matter what it was. Keep in mind the food offerings here ranged from cowboy corn to Himalayan marrow mash - it was going to be difficult finding an ingredient that could work with all of these offerings! And if that wasn’t enough - Abbey revealed potato chips! The chefs had to include potato chips in their meals to be judged. Needless to say all the dishes were amazing, we were simply blown away by the chefs creativity and final execution.


Throughout the event, you could always find a lineup at the FG booth!

But possibly the greatest realization of the event came towards the end, when we learned that this was just the first of 4 Kitchen Stadiums to come! YUM. Overall, the food was delightful; the audience was engaging, and the experience unparalleled! We know the Uniiverse team is looking forward for Round 2!


The winner of Round 1 was Woods Restaurant, led by Chef Bruce Woods, they took the crowd by storm with their candied bacon & poached quail eggs. A fantastic victory for this up and coming restaurant, and a delectable treat for the rest of us!

*All photos of the event graciously provided to us by Angelina Earley @Anzi

May 17

Food-TrottingTO: A week of tastebud tourism in Toronto

Hey Toronto! Are your tastebuds in desperate need of a gastronomic getaway? Are you looking to meet new people who share your love of international foods? Join Uniiverse and Death Row Meals for Food-Trotting-T.O., a week of tastebud tourism from May 27 - 31. No passports necessary! Here’s where we’ll be traveling…. 

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Apr 11

Love at First Bite: Food photo contest! nom.

To celebrate all of the amazing food events happening through Uniiverse, we wanted to give the foodies of the world a chance to win some dough (not the edible kind) with a photo contest!

Winning $50 could be a piece of cake by showcasing the yummy foods you’ve eaten. 


How to enter:

We look forward to viewing your drool worthy entries. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it. Enter now by clicking here. Good luck and happy eating!

Contest Terms and Conditions available.

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Feb 14

Etsy & Uniiverse present: Week Long Craft-a-thon!!


Uniiverse has teamed up with our friends at Etsy, the world’s leading global marketplace for handmade goods, to offer a week’s worth of craft workshops taught by top notch Toronto Etsy Sellers. 

From Monday, February 18, to Sunday, February 24, there will be five unique craft and “do-it-yourself” workshops in Toronto for anyone to sign up for and attend. It’s a great opportunity to learn something new and make wonderful things in the process!
All of the workshop details and how people sign up can be seen on the event home page here: www.uniiverse.com/etsycraftathon
When: Monday, Feb 18, 6:30 - 8:30PM
What:  Learn to Knit and Make a Headband 
Cost: $25.00
Where: Uniiverse HQ
When: Tuesday, Feb 19, 6:30 - 8:30PM
What:  3 in 1 DIY Jewelry Workshop
Cost:   $25.00
Where: Uniiverse HQ
When: Wednesday, Feb 20, 6:30 - 9:30PM
What:  Linocut 101: Making your First Design and Print
Cost:  $25.00
Where: Uniiverse HQ

When: Saturday, Feb 23, 12:00 - 2:00PM
What:  Origami Crane and Necklace Workshop
Cost:  $20.00
Where: Uniiverse HQ

When: Sunday, Feb 24, 12:00 - 2:00PM
What:  Floral Headband Workshop 
Cost: $25.00
Where: Uniiverse HQ


Jan 31